Tangled Up In Blue charts what happens when an unlikely coalition inside Labour dares to make the case for families, faith, patriotism and community.

It’s the untold story of “Blue Labour” and its chief advocate Maurice Glasman – until recently an unknown academic struggling to pay the bills, now a peer and “Ed Miliband’s “guru”. Through a series of previously unreported friendships and events, this book shows how both Miliband brothers seized on Blue Labour ideas during the leadership contest, with powerful consequences for the party and potentially the country.

“A stimulating and insightful contribution to the great debate about Labour’s future which ought to be read by all those who have a stake in it.”

Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer
“In the post-New Labour chemical swamp, Blue Labour is one of the most powerful compounds. This engrossing book explains why it is so important.”

Matthew d’Ancona, Sunday Telegraph
“A lively and original insight into Blue Labour, its leaders and their rich take on the party’s election defeat.”

Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

“Love it or loath it you should know what Blue Labour is all about. This book tells you, no-holds barred”

Kevin Maguire, The Mirror

The Book Launch..


I’ve never written a book before, so tonight’s official launch party feels like a big moment. It’s going to be a truly eclectic mix of politicians, journalists, community members, friends and family in Peckham Library. To add a bit more anarchy to the proceedings, Lord Maurice Glasman is going to say a few words and Derek Draper may actually end up meeting my

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An Introduction to Tangled Up In Blue


It was only after a summer of research that I came to appreciate the influence of Blue Labour. Very few senior party players would publicly subscribe to such a controversial label, but behind the scenes a number of Ed Miliband’s closest confidantes are actively pushing Blue Labour ideas. Well-placed sources describe how this influence extends beyond policy – touching everything from the tone of Ed Miliband’s speeches to the character and organisation of the party. Although Blue Labour is currently little known amongst ordinary Labour

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